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Just Cause 3 Review

I'm a bit late to the party with this one, but what you will find out about this blog is that I will be reviewing games from the past and present.
I want to start with Just Cause 3 because believe it or not it was actually my last game purchase a month ago. What's the verdict? I wish I hadn't bothered...

Now I have played the entire Just Cause series so I knew what I was in store for. Open world run and gun 3rd person shooting with an eccentric edge and rubbish cheesy story line featuring our favourite revolutionary Rico Rodriguez. A series that's always been broken, but has enough charm and fun to keep you coming back to it. Quite a rare thing in games. A sandbox of destruction where you can blow up and destroy anything you want, and this premise has always been what makes the series great.
Just Cause 3 is not fun, it's not enjoyable and it's more broken that any of it's predecessors have ever been.
I was sold on Just Cause 3 from the numerous youtube vi…

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