The Importance of Story in Games

Like I said in my last blog I'm really into games with great stories.

If a game has a great story I will literally sit on the sofa all day playing it, and unfortunately these games are few and far between.

But saying that...Recently we have had the likes of Uncharted 4, and The Last of Us both created by Naughty Dog. In my opinion these are some of the best games ever made, and no not because of the repetitive gun play but because of the stories behind them. In fact The last of us is in my top 5 all time favourite games. But I will leave that for another blog on another day.

Nowadays it's far too easy for developers to forget about story, and more often that not they will just throw some cliche plot line together. *Cough* Call of duty *Cough*. I do understand why though, it's a mixture of tight deadlines, resources and unfortunately the mindset of the audience games are aimed at...

If you ask the majority of casual gamers what their favourite type of game is, it will undoubtedly be first person shooters and action games. And while I love a good FPS every now and then, they never stay with me as a memorable experience.

Experiences is what I thrive on when it comes to video games! I can't tell you how many hours I put into the Final Fantasy series when I was a kid, all because I was hooked on the world and the lore. The same can be said for the Elder scrolls series, but again I will leave that for another day...

As I said in my first blog post, at the moment I am playing a game called 'Life is Strange' a game released back in 2015. I had actually never come across it properly until I saw it as the free game of the month on PS Plus. And I would tell you right now, I would pay full price back in 2015 if I had known how amazing it was. (I will be posting a full review as soon as I get around to finishing it)

That leads me onto an old saying... Never judge a book by its cover. 'Life is Strange' on the outside really doesn't stand out as anything special, in fact I thought it was an under the radar indie game until I fired it up and Square Enix appeared on my screen.

Im not sure if there was a big marketing campaign for it back in 2015 but I never saw it. I think it just shows, how glossy publishers make big budget games look now. And more often than not, these big budget games really lack depth. My advice to them is invest more money into the studio and help them create a credible game behind the scenes before building up the hype for half finished average games.

Anyway my 'Life is Strange' review will be here soon so keep an eye out, and thanks for reading!



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